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what we hear

Through letters, emails, telephone calls and personal visits, take a look at some of the comments we hear from our Hunterdon Prep students, parents, and community.

THE YEARS I SPENT AT HPS are the fondest memories of my adolescence. They are a part of me forever.... I am so lucky to have been given a chance to be part of a special family that grows and changes as new students walk through the door.

- a student

YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW SPECIAL YOU ALL ARE to parents like me. Daily, you are helping our children accept their differences and control their behavior or whatever may ring true for your child. I just wanted you all to know how grateful I am every day for your entire team, and your school.

- a parent

A colorful piece of student artwork. It is a bright flower created with pieces of colored paper on a black background.

MR LOYD, WHILE OTHER PROGRAMS HAVE NOT WORKED for Ryan because he required too much attention, or because he just couldn't "fit" into the environment, Hunterdon obviously understands that this extremely bright child needs to find and keep a school home. Ryan needs to "belong" somewhere and he insists that he wants to remain at Hunterdon.

- an HPS parent

I WISH I COULD PUT INTO WORDS my sincere thanks for how each and every one of you made a positive difference in Ben's life. The effort, care, discipline, and desire by all has been apparent through the years. I have always trusted HLC to make decisions that were in the best interest of Ben. Never once have I been let down. The integrity and character of HLC is nothing less than superior.

- an HPS parent

WITHOUT THE STAFF AT HUNTERDON PREPARATORY SCHOOL, I would never be where I am in life today.  You have a gift that you turn into a community of others who share that gift and continue to touch/change/save the lives of so many kids, the ones that most people would have given up on.

- a student

A colorful piece of abstract art created by a student.

I ATTENDED THE SPRING CONCERT LAST NIGHT and all I can say is WOW! I knew I would enjoy seeing Morgan. What I didn't expect was to enjoy the music and performances of all the students and staff. The smiles, laughs, hugs, and knowing nods ... you could feel the emotion. I can see how much the work you do is helping the kids in their confidence. The staff obviously loves music and it was great to see everyone having so much fun together.

- a family friend

WE HAVE BEEN CONSISTENTLY IMPRESSED with the quality and variety of experiences that Hunterdon Learning Center affords it's students.

- a parent

THE SCHOOL IS LOADED WITH EVERYTHING my child needed to come out of that dark stage. The trust, the love, the commitment they have for their students was exactly what she needed to see the light again.

- a parent

WE ARE EXTREMELY GRATEFUL that we, as a family, have been afforded this wonderful opportunity - to have the support of such an intelligently run and caring resource. This resource is now a vital force in helping us realize the most important dream we have ever had - the dream of raising our child to recognize his potential and to be a contributing and valued member of a larger society."

- a parent

IT IS OBVIOUS that you and your staff are dedicated to making your student's educational experience very meaningful for their ultimate success.

- a Child Study Team Social Worker

THANK YOU for the greatest year ever. You always make me feel happy about myself.

- a student

I CONTINUE TO ADMIRE THE WORK all of you do with kids. New Jersey is fortunate to have HPS. Many kids need what you provide but it just does not exist elsewhere.

- a parent


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